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Our ancestors brought these varieties with them when they came to America.
There are Amish, German, Czech, Cherokee etc. Wonderful tomatoes!


The plants are in 3 ˝ pots

and on the average 6 to 8 inches tall. We’ve transplanted them just one time, which means that they haven’t suffered any set backs caused by having too crowded root system.

Abe Lincoln Original 

(87 days) Beautiful dark red fruits, sweet, solid and meaty. Fruits are smooth, free from cracks and seams, and - although large - ripen all the way through. Ideal for ketchup, juice or slicing. Sturdy plants, frequently have bronzy-green foliage. Indeterminate.

Italian Tree

(85 days) Enormous yields on       vigorous vines which may grow as long as 25 ft. and should be trellised. Produces 2 to 3 bushels of fruits, each measuring up to 6" across, red and meaty, making this variety fine for canning. Indeterminate.


Mortgage Lifter 

(75-85 days) Also called Radiator Charlie. Longtime favorite with good yields of very large, smooth, pink-skinned fruits even in droughts. Very meaty fruits with few seeds, much like Giant Belgium (#00299), but not quite as large. Very mild, delectable, sweet flavor.



(80-95 days) Originally from Bulgaria via France, and aptly named "friendship" for its sterling qualities. Husky plants bear heavy sets of tasty, 12 oz. fruits over a long season. Round fruits, 4" across, mature bright red with pink-gold shoulders. High acid content. Indeterminate

Red Brandywine 

(90-100 days) An Amish heirloom that dates back to 1885 and is generally considered to be the world's best-flavored tomato. Plants look like potato vines with good yields of extra-large (weighing up to 1-1/2 lbs.), firm, Scarlet-red, gourmet sister to Brandywine.  Indeterminate.


Pink Brandywine 

(90-100 days) An Amish heirloom that dates back to 1885 and is generally considered to be the world's best-flavored tomato. Plants look like potato vines with good yields of extra-large (weighing up to 1-1/2 lbs.), firm, clear-skinned, light rosy-pink fruits. Indeterminate


Mariana’s Peace

(85 Days)  Pink heirloom tomato that originated in Czechoslovakia. 1-2 lb., pink beefsteak tomatoes. Dense, creamy, sweet flesh with rich complex, old ‘tomatoey’ flavors.  Great gift for the tomato lover.


Amish Paste 

(74 days) Dates back to the turn of the century, and is the best for sauces and canning. Its deep red fruits are large for canning types (about 8 oz.), with "real tomato" flavor. Not overly acidic. Indeterminate.
Red Pear

(70 Days) one of the rarest Heirloom varieties and still grown today!Hardy, medium-sized plants yield plenty of small, red, pear-shaped fruits with very few seeds. Perfect for salads, sauces or pickles. Determinate

Red Currant  

(65 days), Lycospericon pimpinfolium, Pea-sized fruits - just 1/4" in diameter - possess a crunchy, fruity flavor that is ideal for salads and snacks. More vigorous vines than the shattering-type, 15 to 20 fruits are produced per branching cluster with loads of flowers putting on a show in late June.


Black Tomato


  Sweet yet rich and complex

Black From Tula 

 (80-85 days) A robust Russian heirloom and the largest of the dramatic blacks, with dark, greenish-black shoulders on dark, brownish-red, slightly flattened fruits that grow to 3 to 5" in diameter. Full flavored, chocolate-brown flesh with green gel is rich and satisfying. Performs well in dry conditions. Indeterminate


Cherokee Purple

 (80-90 days) A reliable producer of unusual, medium pink-purple fruits that appear brown in color, and average 8 to 12 oz., apiece. Fruits are round to oblate, with no cracking. Exhibits tolerance to mild drought as well as to common diseases. Indeterminate


Black Cherry

(65 days)  This is the first truly black cherry tomato variety, A perfectly round cherry with classic black tomato flavor, sweet yet rich and complex. Fruit picks clean from the stem and is produced in abundance on vigorous, tall plants. Indeterminate


Green and Gold!

Lower acid, awesome flavor!

My personal favorites

Green Zebra 

(78 days) This is the most unusual variety you'll ever grow! Fully ripened fruits are bright green, with stripes of a still lighter green. Round, smallish, 2 to 4 oz. fruits have excellent, "real tomato" flavor. Plants are vigorous and determinate.


Green Grape 

 70 days. Fruits are just under 1" across, profusely borne on vigorous plants. Very juicy and sweet, perfect for naturally green ketchups, soups, garnishes, sauces and hor d'oevres. Determinate.

White Wonder 

(80-90 days) A mild and sweet-flavored tomato, with high sugar content and white coloring inside and out when ripe. Nice for slicing, canning and juicing! Adds a striking contrast to a salad plate alongside red, pink and yellow types. Produces average yields of small to medium-sized fruits on bushy plants. Indeterminate


Aunt Ruby's German Green

(80 days) Heirloom green beefsteak with a deliciously sweet flavor that's enhanced by a spicy undertone. Globe-shaped fruits are smooth skinned, 12 to 16 oz., with light green skins at maturity and just a hint of yellow. Flesh is green blushed with pink, meaty, and flavorful. Indeterminate

Tomato Golden Jubilee

 (72 days) Mild flavor and low acidity make this one of the best varieties for tomato juice. Bright, golden-orange fruits, 2-1/2 to 3" in diameter average 6 to 7 oz. apiece and have meaty, thick walls. Fruits are solid, with few seeds. Med-sized plants need staking, and produce high yields. Indeterminate


Yellow Brandywine  

(90 days) Large yellow fruit of exceptional quality, creamy texture, and delicious flavor. Fruit size is from 12 to 24 ozs., and tall vines have healthy, potato-leaved foliage. An extremely rich-tasting tomato, this one is also beautiful due to its smooth, not rough, shape. Indeterminate.

Tomato Yellow Pear 

(78 days) Vigorous vines produce high yields of 2", yellow-skinned, pear-shaped fruits with few seeds. Slightly later than Red Pear, but with the same prolific yields and dependable performance. Indeterminate.


Kellogg's Breakfast 

(80-85 days) Lovely, pale-orange fruits are solid and meaty throughout, packed with mild, superb-tasting flesh. A long-season producer of large, beefsteak-type fruits, up to 16 oz., with solid centers that have just a few seeds at the edges. Very desirable! Indeterminate



Plants with an engineered pedigree.
I've tasted all of the tomatoes below, they're excellent!

 Do you have a short season?

Early Girl & Sub Arctic  produce 3 weeks before the main season big red tomatoes!

Early Girl Hybrid 

(57 days) It's hard to find tasty, full-sized fruits like this extra-early in the season! Meaty, ripe, red fruits, 4 to 6 oz., are slightly flattened and bright crimson throughout. Very appealing, with firm texture and blemish-resistant skin. Heavy yields on hardy vines. Indeterminate

Sub Arctic Plenty 

(55-65 days) Alledgedly developed in the 1940's by the U.S. Military to provide fresh tomatoes to their troops in Greenland. If your weather turns cold after you set out plants, try this variety. Sets hundreds of small, 1 to 2", red fruits with that tart, "real tomato" flavor. Hardier than virtually any other variety we offer. Extremely early maturity. No need to stake. Determinate.


(80 days) These large, meaty fruits grow to at least 1 lb. and are the rich, delicious beefsteak tomatoes that everybody loves. This is a special selection of 'Beefsteak' that has superior disease and crack resistance and extremely vigorous plants. Classic beefsteak shape and luscious flavor. Indeterminate.


Big Boy  

1 lb beautiful, flavorful fruits. Indeterminate, 78 days.

Always a favorite.


Better  Boy 

1-2 lb deep red, flavorful fruits. Indeterminate, 75 days



75 days,  An improved, disease resistant strain.  Fruit is 6 ounce, bright red; globular, slightly flattened with smooth, thick walls that are crack resistant.  It was originally introduced in 1934.  Good for slicing and cooking. Indeterminate




Paste Variety:

Favorite for Sauce



 (78 days) One of the most popular varieties for paste, sauces and canning. Compact vines yield large harvests of 3 inch long, bright red fruit that may be pear-shaped or plum-shaped. Thick walled and solid with few seeds; slightly later than Roma with heavier foliage. Determinate.


 Cherry Tomatoes

  Every inner child's favorite!



Sungold Hybrid 

(57 days) Sungold is a positively luscious, bite-size - thin-skinned, with a juicy flesh that holds its oh-so-sweet, fresh-from-the-vine flavor. Very early, cascading trusses are smothered in fruits that remain ripe and ready for picking over long periods of time. Once voted the sweetest tomato ever.



Supersweet 100 Hybrid 

(65 days) Staked hybrid plants produce long strands of 100 or more super-sweet cherry tomatoes, weighing about 1 oz. each and measuring 1" in diameter. Extra-high in Vitamin C. Plants bear throughout the season. Requires staking or caging. Indeterminate

Christmas Grapes  

75 days) Highly productive and easy to grow, this rewarding variety produces loads of 1-1/2 to 2 oz., bright scarlet-red fruits clustered in grape-like bunches. Fruits are very sweet at first bite, followed by strong tomato flavor. Indeterminate






Red Robin and Patio

Good on your

patio, porch or deck.  

Red Robin  

(55 days) An extra-sweet dwarf, container-grown cherry variety, just as good grown indoors as a pot plant. Round, red, 1-1/4" fruits on compact plants 8 to 12" tall. Ideal for windowsills, patios or hanging baskets. Determinate.


70 days. Perfect for container gardening or limited space. Vines are extremely compact, yet produce medium-sized, deep oblate fruits that are smooth, firm and flavorful. Determinate.

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